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The Swedish Alpine Club was formed in 1927 as a non-profit association. Initially, the members consisted of a handful of mountain enthusiasts in a fairly closed circle. Today, the club is a nationwide organization with approx. 1500 members. 

From its very beginning, the club's objective has been to promote increased knowledge about the mountains and to promote "small footprint" mountain activities, i.e. showing thoughtfulness and ecological awareness when visiting a fragile alpine world. Members are hikers, climbers, and skiers, all sharing a strong affection for the mountains.

Protecting mountain nature and wilderness
Our most important task is to work for the protection of mountain nature and of wilderness and untouched areas by organizing courses, responding to government reports and proposals, and by publishing articles in newspapers and our own publications. We are also active in safety and equipment issues.

Dag Hammarskjöld, former Secretary General of the United Nations, was president of the club before his appointment to the UN. Fifty years ago, he expressed his views of the mountains as follows:

"The goal is to make the mountains a vacation land for the many without decreasing their worth for the few."

This is still a valid club objective.


Mountain policy
"The Swedish Mountain Club works for greater awareness of the mountain world and increased respect for its qualities and natural values."

The mountain policy that governs our external work embodies the basic values contained in this excerpt from the club's bylaws.

Most club activities occur within its sections. At present, there are eight geographic sections in Sweden. The sections organize extensive programmes, with mountain trips, both in winter and in summer; kayaking; and long-distance skating. The programmes also normally include a number of indoor meetings with interesting presentations.

The sections are:

Gävle-Dala sektionen
Sektion syd

Club magazine and yearbook
The club magazine, fjället ("The Mountain"), which is published quaterly, contains an ongoing lively debate about the protection of our mountain areas and interesting articles about various mountain areas, with emphasis on Sweden and Norway.

The club yearbook, till fjälls ("To the Mountains"), has been published uninterrupted since 1929, at present every other year. Many back issues can be purchased from our library.

Subscriptions to both fjället and till fjälls are included in the membership.

Clubroom, library, and club cabin
Our clubroom is located in Bromma in the western part of Stockholm, a short walk from the Johannesfred tram station. The library shelves currently contain approximately 2,000 books and many magazines from around the world about all aspects of mountains.

Our cabin is situated in very beautiful surroundings at Katterjaure, south of Riksgränsen, in the very northernmost part of Sweden. Riksgränsen is close to the Norwegian border, on the railway line and road from Kiruna to Narvik. The cabin has fourteen beds, and is available to members and their accompanying guests.

How to reach us

Svenska Fjällklubben
Johannesfredsvägen 7
SE-168 69 Bromma

For more specific questions about the activities of the sections, go to their pages on this site, or consult fjället magazine.

To become a member

If you share our interest in the mountains, you are welcome to apply for membership in the Swedish Mountain Club.

As a member of the Swedish Mountain Club you will be entitled to the following:

  • The quarterly magazine fjället
  • Participation in meetings, courses, and section activities
  • The yearbook till fjälls, published every other year
  • Staying at the club cabin
  • Access to our extensive library

You may apply using the form found under BLI MEDLEM in top menu.



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